Product offerings

MegaBubble Mixers

MegaBubble mixers are an ideal solution for mixing large bodies of water without the need for copious amounts of power.  These mixers can work intermittently when power is available or can run continuously with a constant stream of air.


MegaLift Pumps

Pumps designed for difficult situations that require that low power.  Can be run intermittently or continuously.  These pumps will pump various volumes of high solids water up to twice the height of depth of the MegaLift pump.  Flow rate is able to be inferred by depth and pipe length, eliminating the need for a flowmeter in low cost applications. These pumps can be scaled to any application – they use the MegaBubble generator as the basis and the bubble is simply directed into the pipe. Advantages include pumping directly from the bottom of the tank, no moving parts, and ability to use blower air for powering it.  In small treatment plants, the same air used for mixing can be used for pumping as well. 

Synergy Septic Tank Insert

In septic tank applications our patented insert can be installed in a few hours.  The insert is designed to fit down a standard manhole, and provides aeration to biomedia while keeping the septic tank anoxic.  An integrated MegaBubble pump intermittently exhausts nitrified water and biosolids, drawing untreated water into the insert.  Aerobic bacteria inside the insert reduces BOD and nitrifies  and waste in the septic tank is a carbon source for denitrifying bacteria, converting nitrate to nitrogen gas.  The insert is able to provide cleaner effluent to drainfield without harmful nitrogen compounds which cause algae blooms and contaminate groundwater.

Pulsed Burst Hybrids

MegaBubbles can provide many different solutions which depend on the desired effect.  From large water body mixing to prevent stratification in lakes or water towers, to remote applications where electricity is unavailable. Pulsed Burst Systems can provide a solution where water needs moving.  Our systems can harvest wind or solar energy in order to provide the power needed to tackle those difficult decentralized applications for pennies on the dollar to other solutions.


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