Mixing without complications

MegaBubble Mixers are designed to be rugged and maintenance free. The mixers themselves are supplied only with low pressure air, which makes them safe and easy to maintain.  The self cleaning design prevents clogging, and will allow for years of life without worry.

How MegaBubbles mix

A bubble is released when MegaBubble accumulator reaches its threshold.  The bubble rises through the column of water at increasing velocity, and displaces water above it.  The displacement of the water and velocity gradients cause effective mixing of solids contained in the water.

Effective Mixing Column

Each mixer has an effective mixing column of roughly 100 square feet. As the bubbles rise, they create a low pressure zone below the bubble which water rushes to fill in the void.  When the bubble reaches the surface, it expands and the rising water flows outward, which creates a current as pictured.