Pulsed Burst Systems, LLC builds low pressure pulsed air mixing & pumping systems. Applications include a wide variety of municipal, industrial, aquatic, &  agricultural applications., Bubble mixing enables low energy effective mixing with increased durability in water and wastewater treatment applications, resulting in overall reduced cost with much less maintenance than competitive mixing methods.  We   assist customers &  clients to evaluate their mixing & pumping needs within their treatment systems on a long term present worth analysis approach. We evaluate the total treatment system, integrating Low Pressure pumping & mixing solutions to increase durability, lower energy use & O&M for the total treatment system.

Bubble mixers are an ideal solution for applications which require low energy usage and where maintenance is difficult and costly.

We are based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but we are able to provide solutions where your they are needed.  Please take the time to send us a line and see if MegaBubbles or one of our other products are right for you.

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