Pulsed Burst Systems

Mixing and pumping…

…without the complications.

MegaBubble Mixers

Low Maintenance

Low Energy

Anaerobic or Anoxic Mixing

Low Maintenance

No moving parts below water. 

Plastic and concrete construction is resistant to corrosion and degradation

Patented no-clog design


Energy Efficient Mixing

more efficient than propeller mixers

Up to 10x more efficient than coarse bubble mixers


No electricity below water and no heavy equipment to move.

Supplied with only low-pressure air (7-8 psi)

Easy Installation

Mixers are installed quickly with no additional structural support needed.

One blower can supply multiple mixers across multiple basins.

Benefits to your process

Because of the large size of bubbles, the rising velocity is  high, reducing contact time to the surrounding water.  Relatively low surface area for the volume of air significantly reduces gas transfer via Henry’s Law, keeping anoxic tanks at a proper ORP value for biological phosphorus removal.

Energy Savings

Keep energy costs low with our patented processes.  Because we create very large bubbles on a pulse, one blower can run a large number of mixers at once.  Since they only require the static pressure at the depth of the mixer, energy demands are low.  Large bubbles provide excellent mixing, so stop letting your electricity from disappearing into thin air.

Pulsed Burst Systems

Pulsed Burst Systems
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